Atrineo AG join forces with the Technical University of Kosice to kick-off IaaS 4DR

Atrineo AG is thrilled to announce its participation in the EU Interreg project IaaS4DR Interreg DTP, at the Technical University of Kosice.


The IaaS4DR project, is designed to revolutionize innovation support and technology transfer in the Danube region, particularly targeting industrial rural and remote areas with low innovation capacities. The project's main objective is to deliver locally, durably improved, and integrated innovation support services. This will be achieved by enhancing the capabilities of business support organizations, innovation intermediaries, and technology transfer institutions.

Key objectives include:

  • Capacity Building: Increasing innovation support competence across regions.
  • Collaboration Models: Enhancing integration among regional innovation service providers.
  • Transnational Expertise: Facilitating access and the use of external, advanced innovation support services on demand.

The project aims to transform traditional, linear, and top-down approaches into dynamic, integrated services that significantly exceed existing capabilities by leveraging limited local resources with broader transnational support. This strategic shift is expected to foster a more competitive and smarter Danube Region, well-equipped to face the future challenges of industrial transition and innovation.


This project is supported by the Interreg Danube Region Programme co-funded by the European Union.​


Project budget: 2 720 670€

Interreg Funds: 2 176 336 €

Project duration: 1/2024-06/2026

Project website: https://interreg-danube.eu/projects/iaas-4-dr

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