Cooperation along the innovation value chain

More and more often, findings and results from public research are being put into practical application through so-called multi-actor cooperations, but bilateral projects between a scientific institution and an external partner, such as a company, will of course continue to exist. In these multi-actor approaches (or multi-stakeholder approaches), strategic cooperation between complementary partners along the innovation value chain is defined and built up, taking into account a common overarching objective, but also taking into account the interests and possible performance contributions of the individual partners.

Multi-stakeholder approaches can be set up for a specific thematic field, but they can also promote improved cooperation between different actors at regional level. Partners in these multi-stakeholder cooperations are, for example, businesses and companies, especially SMEs and start-ups, educational, scientific and cultural institutions, local authorities (regions, districts, cities and municipalities), non-profit organisations and foundations, civil society associations and interest groups, but also actors from politics, associations and administration.

Atrineo AG supports its clients, mostly scientific institutions, in taking an adequate position within these multi-stakeholder approaches, allowing research results to be transferred into practical application for the benefit of all parties involved.

Concrete support services provided by Atrineo AG in this area include

  • Profile building, definition of objectives, strategic conception including implementation planning, as well as elaboration of promising development options for multi-stakeholder cooperation
  • Expansion of existing multi-actor cooperation by approaching and winning additional partners, including the definition of tasks, roles and responsibilities of the new partners
  • Setting up efficient and effective communication, coordination and organisational structures (e.g. foundation models) for multi-actor cooperation
    Fine definition, qualification and monitoring of singular innovation projects within the framework of multi-actor cooperation
  • Development of suitable, in particular also European funding possibilities for multi-actor cooperation (including project applications)
  • Accompanying evaluation to ensure efficient project management and strategic development of multi-actor cooperations

At this point, it should not go unmentioned that Atrineo AG has developed a special further training module on precisely this complex of topics as part of a BMBF-funded project and has already successfully carried out this module on several occasions (see also further training).