Atriflow - Software for Knowledge- and Technologytransfer

Atrineo AG has developed a data management or software solution (Atriflow) specifically tailored for the transfer area in scientific institutions.

The development of this software solution is based on over 30 years of practical experience in the field of knowledge and technology transfer and has resulted in a solution that takes into account the specific needs of scientific institutions in the best possible way.

In particular, the Atriflow software solution also facilitates the documentation and reporting of transfer services to various stakeholders.

Why is Atriflow especially suitable for scientific institutions?

  • Lower acquisition costs compared to special or large-scale solutions
  • Good cost control thanks to modular structure (no monolithic system)
  • Adaptable data model (KDSF) and possibility of gradual expansion
  • Fast visible success thanks to a range of preconfigured applications
  • Easy integration into existing IT landscapes
  • Low installation and administration effort for internal IT department
  • What can the software solution be used for?
  • Transfer management (transfer cases, spin-offs, intellectual property rights, etc.)
  • Contact management (partners, cooperations, networks, committees, alumni, etc.)
  • Project management (tasks, deadlines, applications, scouting, coaching etc.)
  • Controlling and success measurement  (key figures, actual-plan deviations, success examples, etc.)
  • Documentation and reporting to different users (data queries within the framework of PFI, KDSF)
  • Knowledge management (deposit of competence profiles, handouts, guidelines, checklists, etc.).

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Here you can find the current Atriflow product flyer with system requirements   >Download<