Software for knowledge and technology transfer

The increasing strategic importance, but also the digitisation of transfer activities and processes in scientific institutions currently poses great challenges for many institutions.

Atrineo AG offers tailor-made software solutions


Atrineo AG offers a tailor-made software solution for this area, which supports the planning, control and implementation of transfer activities and processes as required.

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Atrineo Software

Relevant information, data, facts and documents on current or completed transfer cases, projects, property rights, spin-offs, industry and/or cooperation partners are brought together in one system and made easily accessible for different application scenarios and user groups.

In this way, the software also facilitates the documentation and reporting of transfers to different users ("core data set transfer").

Additional services

In addition to providing the software, Atrineo AG offers the following support services:

Definition or optimisation of processes in the transfer area

Development of data models and structures

Implementation and configuration of the system

Connection of third-party systems

Migration of legacy data to the new system

Collection of previously not digitised data sets

Maintenance and service

Instruction and training of employees